Our Story

I only ever wanted two kids.

Yep…I'm starting there. However, when our youngest boy Lucas went off to school, my amazing wife Amy decided she wanted to try for a girl. Enjoying our new life-stage of freedom, I filled whiteboards with mathematical formulas showing that we would likely have another boy. I also tried to remind her of the sleepless nights and diaper changes that we could avoid if we stuck with two. However, this is not a decision that you can talk your partner out of.


So, in 2016 Grace was born and what a girl she is! The birth of each of our children changed me, and Grace was no exception. It made me realise that we were taking our Planet for granted. I found myself reading everything I could about climate change and possible solutions. When I came across the environmental benefits of regenerative agriculture, it awakened a seed that had been planted deep in me as a child.

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Through farming, I want to teach my children about where our food comes from and train their palates to crave wholesome, nutritious foods. I want to be a steward for the land and build carbon-rich soils that you can stick your arm right into up to your elbow. Finally, I want to build a community to share in the benefits of reconnecting with Mother Nature for the health of mind, body and spirit.

Once the decision was made, we looked at a lot of farms. We quickly realised that finding a farm that met all the requirements and was within a reasonable distance of our friends and family was going to be impossible. Luckily, our friends Adrian and Christie were interested in joining us as partners to help make our dream come true. With their help, we found the most beautiful farm in Port Hope. It's 105 acres in the rolling Northumberland hills. Its rich history and community and our incredible neighbours remind me of the community where I grew up in Kakabeka Falls.


In addition to our market garden where we grow your food, our farm also features 35 acres of beautiful Ganaraska forest. Running through the forest is a stunning spring-fed creek which has the most crystal clear water that you can imagine. This was the inspiration for the name 'Cold Springs Organics'.


Thanks for reading our story. The farm is a very special place and we can't wait to introduce you to it.  


Your Farmer,