Farming Practices

Certified Organic

We are proud to be certified organic. You should be able to have confidence that your food is grown with organic seed, using organic amendments, in organic soil and using organic methods. Organic certification ensures that your food is going to be nutritious for your body and will help the planet too. As a supporter of Organic Certified food, you are helping ecological food and soil practices flourish.


Permaculture Principles

The word permaculture comes from permanent + culture. It is a holistic approach to design that seeks to harmoniously integrate the landscape with people and their food, energy and other needs. We hired a permaculture designer to incorporate these principles into our farm design, with large flowering hedgerows which provide shelter and food for our pollinating friends, and biodiversity to enrich our soil. Our design also includes swales, which our designer called the lungs of the garden, capturing rainfall and feeding it into our soil and holding it for insects and animals.


Regenerative Agriculture

Through the use of regenerative practices, we are constantly building soil organic matter and improving biodiversity. This has the benefits of sequestering carbon to help fight climate change. We also benefit from improved quality of our vegetables as a result. To facilitate this, we use low-till methods and cover crops, ensuring soil is never left uncovered. Each year, we are testing our soil and optimizing our farming strategies with the goal of achieving world-class soil health. We are big fans of the flora and fauna on our farm (especially the birds and earthworms) and we won't be happy until we've made the farm and ideal oasis for them. We believe that this goal will have the side benefits of world-class veggies also.