Mushroom Magic: Our Journey to a Bountiful Harvest

Introduction: From Garden Beds to Grow Room

Welcome to a new chapter at our CSA! While our garden's naturally flourishing mushrooms have always been a delight, this season, we're stepping it up. With the help of Colin and Nora from Growing Good Co (@GrowingGoodCo), we've designed a mushroom grow room that promises a hands-on experience for members of our Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Cobourg, and Newcastle CSAs. Attached you'll find a video update from Farmer Glen on the mushroom grow room's progress!

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The Grow Room Journey: Crafting the Perfect Environment

We've transformed a quiet corner of our garage into a mushroom paradise. This space leads directly into our commercial kitchen, streamlining the path from harvest to your home. In our laundry room-turned-air plenum, conditions are meticulously controlled—95% humidity and 16°C—ensuring our mushrooms thrive. Thanks to Nick from Trentadue Finishing, the grow room is not only efficient but easy to clean, maintaining our high standards of quality.

As a side note, when you join our CSA, you don't just get amazing organic vegetables and support on how to be better in the kitchen but you also get an amazing rolodex of skilled tradespeople who are already members of our community: @trentadue_finishing, @maxcomforthc, @buildingbybri.

Mushroom Varieties: The Stars of 2024

This year, get ready for a gourmet selection that'll spoil you for anything else. We're cultivating blue oysters, cinnamon caps, lion's mane, golden oysters, and more—mushrooms you won't find in your local store. Imagine sautéing a mix of these with Cold Springs Organics Onion, a touch of butter, and a whisper of liquid smoke, then using it to elevate your week's meals from stir-fries to pizzas.

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Sustainable Practices: Full Circle with Mushroom Compost

Our commitment to sustainability doesn't end with the harvest. Leftover materials from our grow room will enrich our compost, closing the loop in our ecosystem.

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Join the 2024 CSA: Secure Your Share!

Don't miss out—our CSA spots for 2024 are filling fast, and with early bird pricing only until May 1, now's the time to join us for a season of fresh, flavorful harvests. CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW!

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Here's the image below to watch the full Mushroom Grow Room Update video.
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