Benefits of Buying Local from a Small Farmer

Benefits of Buying Local from a Small Farmer

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The Young Family at Cobourg Farmer's Market

On behalf of the whole Young clan and the Cold Springs Farm Team, we want to say THANK YOU for all your support this season! We take your support very seriously and are honoured that you put your trust in us this season.

Without you, we couldn't have hired Alejandra and Jacob who are two amazing people and have aspirations to start their own farms in the future. They both learned a lot this season (me too!), and the health of the planet and our food system are going to be better off for their involvement.

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Our hard-working farmhands!

Without you, we couldn't have converted the farm to an organic operation.

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Our Organic Certification is finally here!

The benefits of organic, regenerative farming compared to conventional are numerous, both for the consumer and the planet:

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Benefits of small-scale, organic agriculture

Without you, we couldn't have started to build this awesome community with our Cold Springs Organics members! We've learned a lot from you through your Facebook posts and shared recipe recommendations in person. I think it's safe to say that most of us have eaten more vegetables this summer than ever before and we should all be proud of that accomplishment. It really makes me regret the wind-down of the season and I know how much I'll miss the joy of a ripe tomato. However, we will let the land rest and be ready to enjoy the abundance that spring will bring.

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Our 2nd Anniversary BBQ

For all that you've done to support us, helping people, helping the planet and connecting with us, we say a heart-felt thank you!